Compilation CD
Magnum Music, 2002
The bands/artists featuring in this compilation tries to show how good they are by using the guitars. Only the guitars speak in this CD as most of the songs are instrumentals. Many great riffs and solos can be heard in either thrash or heavy metal. Since this CD in Chinese and not written in English, I can only describe it referring to the track number. The first track one is OSIRIS with its thrash violence (killz!), the second track is a heavy metal like those Malmsteen songs, the third track is also thrash (just okay), the fourth one is speed/heavy metal song (great solos), the fifth one is a country song, the sixth track is less the speed of the forth but it is still interesting, the seventh one is a normal rock ballad, the eight one is a rock like those in Steve Vai I guess, the ninth track is industrial song (Depeche Mode with guitar?), the tenth track brings back the speed and heaviness (yeah!), then it's continued by VA (melodic heavy metal) and the CD ends with an industrial song titled "UFO" which the guitar plays for 10 seconds. Another good sampler from Magnum but I am only into those heavy and speed stuffs.