Gerilya Magazine Sampler (Indonesia)
Edelweiss Production, 2001
This is only a CD-R sampler which is limitedly release and available for free for those who bought the first 50 copies of the Gerilya Magazine. But this sampler is cheaply available from Agung (of KOMA). Featuring 15 bands with a track each. The bands.. death metal; Abhorred Despiser (with a cool intro/outro of people shouting 'reformasi'), Gory Inhumane Despiser (with a bit of grind and with cool Indonesian lyrics), Qishash (cool band! like slow version of Slayer with death growl and a bit melodic), Katarak, Gethebong, Vile, Imprecatory (grind/death with cool vocal effect), Decomposed, Troops Of Brutality. Black metal; Soulsick (straight Norwegian black, reminds me of the local bands Nebiras if minus the keyboard), Envelope (what a name! melodic with female vox and keys), Almarhum (similar with Malaysian band with the same name but less thrashy. Well executed black metal, not too dry like Soulsick), Besessen (another good band, fast with a bit of melody), Bedebah (thrashy black) and an atmospheric outro by Ababil. All the tracks are taken from the bands current or future releases. Listen to variety of bands is good sometimes and the new songs from certain bands do surprise me, especially those thrashy one. This sampler only comes with a xerox cover and track info.