Nebiula Production, 1999

Years later, Nebiula came out with the new volume of this compilation. Just like the first one, this compilation doesn't feature any new or rare tracks. Except for DARKCIDE and KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET, all tracks are taken from the band's current release. Read my review on SIL KHANNAZ, SAUTS ALASTOR, VOCIFERATION ETERNITY, BAZZAH, MESMERISED and CRUSADE to know what they sounds like. As for DARKCIDE and KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET, they are new to me and their stuffs is not available in the local music store. DARKCIDE is from Jordan plays melodic death/thrash and the 2 songs here are taken from their demo. Enjoyable and promising. I hope they will release something professional soon. KIBOSH SYBIL KISMET is not really a new band. I saw their flyers circulating in my mails many years ago, informing about a demo for zine editors. Only now I have the chance to listen to them. The track featured here taken from tehir forthcoming debut MCD. Playing somekind of doom black metal which is among the rarest breed of black metal in the local scene. This track alone have secured them my promise to buy their CD when it is available. It should be out by now. Sounds quite promising. The compilation comes with a booklet, mentioning about the band's address and their picture. Not a recommended release if you have all the band's current and forthcoming releases.