Compilation CD
Edelweiss Production, 2000

16 Indonesian brutal death bands in one CD. I don't know what to say if this CD does not satisfy the fans of death metal and definitely this CD will sell thousand copies there. There is not enough info in the CD. There is only 1 page paper. 1 side for CD cover and other side with band addresses and picture of the bands are put on the CD back cover. So I don't know whether the band presented their new song or just taken one song from their current release. I think I don't need to describe every band. Although some bands have their own style but they pretty much sounding the same. PLASMA WEED, MANTRA, ETERNAL BLEEDING, KREMUSH, ABHORRED DESPISER, IMPRECATORY, KATARAK, DESECRATION, VILE, SINUSITIS, BLOODY GORE, PERFECT MAGGOTS, BURNING GRAVE, QISHASH, HELLJANATISH and TRAUMA. If you want to know more about Indonesian brutal death metal scene, this is the first thing you should listen to. If you heard 1 band play different than other bands in this comp, that mean they are maybe 10 more bands outside that have their own pro release tape. Oh I forgot. The CD is in black color, not the usual silver color.