Metal Extracted From The Indian Underground
Throatlatch Records, 2001
A 11 Indian bands compilation and sold at the high price of USD 18! Why the hell sell a CD at this kind of price if the whole purpose of this release is to promote Indian underground metal which is not well-known in the metal scene? Only die-hard Asian metal fans will fork out that amount of money. I think this will make the scene more 'unknown'. Luckily I got this by trade. The CDs come with a gatefold cover. Unfold it and you get an LP sized paper and all info about the band printed on one side while the other side features some uninteresting artwork. I don't like this kind of format. You know what will happen if you unfold it many times. Not much info about the bands available as well, only band pictures, line-up and some lines from the lyric in low-tone, hard to read text. Too many disappointments but luckily the bands are quite interesting. I have listened to some of the bands songs and they have improved or become musically 'acceptable' to my ears. All bands feature 1 song each. CRANIUM (heavy thrash with some Indian 'feel' in their music), DEMONIC RESURRECTION (Melodic black ala C.O.F., far better than before. They look terribly awful in corpse-paint. Spit!), KRYPTOS (slow, depressive thrash/heavy metal), METAKIX (heavy/thrash with screeching death vocals), KINKY SKI MUNKY (cheesy name, grunge/rock music), PSYCHOMOTOR (heavy metal, vocal directly rip off Kurt Cobain), PIN DROP VIOLENCE (intense music, ala Soulfly but not my type), FATE (melodic black/death), ARCANE RITUAL (black/thrash) and BLASPHEMY (brutal thrashing death/grind). Save some money and get this. This is the only few professional release that you can get from India.