In Remembrance For BRAIN DEAD
Apocalypse Releases, 1999
BRAIN DEAD is a cult death metal band in Malaysia. They are among the pioneer of death metal, along with SUFFERCATION, SIL KHANNAZ, SILENT DEATH and NECROTIC CHAOS. BRAIN DEAD only managed to release an album in 1993 and later recorded 2 new tracks for a compilation but due to their great and original music with few doses of SLAYER and CELTIC FROST , they managed to influenced many local death/black metal bands. I was hoping the first 3 band I mentioned earlier included in this tribute CD along with LANGSUYR. But without them it didn't ruined a bit of this CD. I don't know how Apocalypse Releases selects these bands from black metal to hardcore and industrial but all 9 of them are good with their own style of covering BRAIN DEAD song, including 1 Brazilian band, MEDICINE DEATH. BRAIN DEAD songs are already a masterpice but adding few new touches making the songs are a bit interesting than usual. Starting with LOGAMwith their heavy metal style of Rites Of The Tyrant and follow by death/thrash TANDUS (The 7th Wind), NECROTIC CHAOS (Eternal War) and VOCIFERATION ETERNITY (Sacred). The worse must be KHARABANAZAK with their fast scandinavian black metal version of Twisted Soul. The rest is quite okay and interesting too including techno-black metal from AS SAHAR (Spirit Of Heloisa). MEDICINE DEATH is a bit technical in their riffing and the keyboard in Impious Immortal. Hardcore ENDLESS PAIN and industrial GLOBAL CHAOS is not bad either. BRAIN DEAD also performed 2 tracks here. The bad thing here is the cover inlay. It's written in malay and not clear (hard to read) text and not enough info on the bands. Another thing is the use of color green for the background. What green have to do with BRAIN DEAD? I don't know. But the cassette version release by MusicTrax is much better in their layout.