Live Compilation Tape
Dark Zone Unity, 1999

An underground live compilation. The songs was ameteurly recorded in Back To Attack gig in June 1999 using hi-fi, no mastering or editing. Pure undergroud way. The sound is raw but not unhearable like some crappy demos. Only 3 bands here and all have released something under Dark Zone Unity. MORTUARY ANCESTOR presented 3 songs and a DEATH cover, "Empty Words". A dark/death metal band and they have released a good demo last year but I didn't have the chance to review it in this issue. 2 songs were definitely taken from "Dogma Orthodox" but I am not sure about "Days Of Suffering". MAYHEMIC DESTRUCTION, a brutal death/grind present 5 songs, not really my fave. KILATUS, dark/black metal also present 4 songs. Only 1 song are their own song (taken form their debut demo), but the other are cover songs from local death/black metal. Once a while, a comp like this is needed, especially with (at least) the sound like this one.