ZUBIRUN  (Malaysia) 
Hellfire Generation

North Poem Records, 1999

I like this band since their Y.I.K.I.T.A. debut demo '95. Years later they come out with another demo which a different musicstyle but still good as the debut. Now, 2 years later another output in much professional recording, and again their music has changed but for sure the changes made is for the best. Hellfire is a one track single, a great 3 minutes of hell-rock ride ! ZUBIRUN has added more juicy speed thrashy riff and seems like they are caught in the "thrash revival" phenomena that affected most of the bands today. Not that I'm saying this in a negative way because ZUBIRUN is really capable of delivering great black thrash song. I enjoy this very much and definitely worth buying, if there are any copies left since it is only released in limited 100 copies. This track also featured in Oskorei Mag issue #3.

ZUBIRUN (Malaysia)
Maximum Hell Overdose
Advance 2002

I have been anxiously waiting for the follow up after "Hellfire Generation". This is advance tracks for their upcoming release and just like I expected "Maximum…" continues with what they have started in "Hellfire…". Aggressivegrindeasternmetal is what they claim to play but really, (rocking) thrash metal is their music. The 4 tracks are well played thrash songs but with unusual harsh industrial-like vocal style. Also includes a 2 minutes ambient techno intro and outro. 2 minutes each is too long for true metal head to take I guess. The king of Malaysian underground thrash metal is undoubtedly ATHOTORGH and sitting closely next to the throne is ZUBIRUN.
c/o SHBS, 113 Jln Tmn Long Jaafar, Fasa 3, Tmn Long Jaafar, Kg Boyan, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.