ZORBOOTHUS (Indonesia)
Karma Production, 1999

I got this tape from one local distributor. The one I got comes with pro-printed full color cover and the songs are copied on a Sony tape. I guess that distro dubb the tape from the master copy using his hi-fi. Firstly I have to say I don’t like the sound I heard. I guess the original version must be better. ZORBOOTHUS is the first band from Medan I heard which plays brutal death with lots of grinding part as well as excerpts/sampler from movies but also adds few black/thrash metal riffs in its songs. “Unharmonycalism” is intense, full of wrath like most brutal bands from this country. ZORBOOTHUS is a bit more interesting because there is much more than brutal death metal since it is a bit diverse compare with other bands. Songs like “Provokasi”, “Sudden Death” or “Slave Of Desire” prove it. Good job done by this trio. I think there might be a new release from them but getting this one will not be a waste.
Ady Syahputra Lubis, Nusa Indah 9 No. 163 Helvetia Medan 20124 North Sumatra, Indonesia.