ZIGOD (Malaysia) 
Demo 1999

They play industrial music so are they fit to be here ? Of course, this is a zine for extreme and dark music (that's the info for those who are stil unlcear with our concept). Well, this demo is officially distribute by SHBS of ZUBIRUN's distribution. 3 tracks available here and the vocal reminds me of Ministry. An okay sounded demo but the growling vocal part is horrible ! It will be a good demo minus the vocals or drop down the groling part. This is quite original in Malaysian underground scene and the cover is not in the ordinary lay-out. Check it yourself.
Shahrul Hazri, 113 Tmn Long Jaafar, Tmn Long Jaafar Fasa 3, Kg Boyan, 34000 Taiping, Malaysia.

Z-GOD (Malaysia) 
Rehearsal Track 2000

Z-GOD or ZIGOD, it is the same band. Please forgive me if I made the mistake by typing the band's name wrongly in my previous review. The front cover shows ZIGOD (as you can see in the previous review). Their debut demo is a hard release for me and can't digest it even listening to it for countless of time. Fortunately this tape consist a new track called "L.S.D." have thrown away all the bad things I heard in "Something" Demo. The growling vocals have change to evil black metal kind of vocals and in this track all vocals is in this form, no more normal vocals. The music is still weird. Industrial you might say. Still the guitar works makes it heavy and the guitar effect also sound interesting. The rest are drum machine, sampler, etc but guitar is the main instrument which make the main melodies. So don't expect any crappy techno/electronic stuffs. L.S.D. sounds interesting and hopefully the next release will have more songs like these.