ZIARAH (Indonesia) 
Immortal Ceremony
Leviathan Records, 1999

Those who are still mourning because of AS SAHAR new musical direction, don't be so sad. ZIARAH plays similarly to what AS SAHAR have play in their Primitively Eastern Winds demo. I can't get my mind off from AS SAHAR when listening to ZIARAH's Immortal Ceremony. 8 tracks of raw, simple repetitive and yet memomarable riff of black/thrash metal with bad sound production. The songs are good, but with this kind sound (even demo sound better) it will kill the pleasure of listening of both side on this cassette. Maybe it's the manufacturer fault because on my tape, side A is much clearer than side B. If this is the case, then LEVIATHIAN RECORDS should other manufacturer to press their cassettes in the future. ZIARAH is a band worth the support and maybe their next release is much better (sound-wise).