The Omen
Ampcast, 200?
I first listen to this band in Legions of The Dark compilation (and that track is also present here). I guess most of the people do not know they have a CD out. This mini album published by Ampcast.com and just like mp3.com or website alike, they also sell their 'artist' CD besides giving server space for the artist's mp3. It is not easy for me to get a copy of this CD. The band doesn't have copies of this CD and ask to me to buy from the website. Since I don't own a credit card, there's no way for me to get this CD. Through some hassle, I finally got one (thanks guys!). All the troubles faced really paid off. Only 5 tracks present (17+ mins) and Azrieldjinn made and played them all. It's a one-man project (thus the drum machine..) but on 2 tracks a person name Wrathamon played the drum and Agretator did some vocals on 1 track. Melodic black/death metal with great melodic guitar works. They did a good job on this one (except for the drum). Hope to hear more from them soon.