VULTURE (Singapore)
Thorns Of The Sadist
Demo #2, 2001

In the previous issue, I reviewed a demo by PROPHESY. Somehow PROPHESY and VULTURE is connected with each other. I guess you guys should read the bio in their website. VULTURE is a one man band consists of Vulture (all guitar and vocals) and for this demo the drum is played by Possessor. Only 2 tracks available in this demo and they are “Exorcism of The Holy Saviour” and “Profanator (The Evil Worship)” plus an intro. Black/thrash metal with the ugliest sound you can imagine. As I said in my review of PROPHESY earlier, Vulture should utilize the modern technology and use proper recording and definitely the outcome will be much better. “Thorns Of The Sadist” is too primitive (sound-wise) to be in the scene although the music is quite okay. This demo is recorded using 4 tracks and comes with xerox cover and also includes lyrics.
VULTURE, Blk 34 Marsiling Drive, #10-381, SINGAPORE 730034.