VEHEMENT (Singapore)
Nebiula Productions, 2000

This was supposed to be released by Sonic Wave International (Singapore) but Nebiula is now responsible for releasing this album. VEHEMENT has a self-titled demo out in 1999. This CD feature 9 songs with 2 songs are new. The rest are available in the demo mentioned earlier but I am not sure whether all the old one is taken directly or new recording. Actually, there 9 ‘titled’ tracks and 22 untitled tracks. These ‘untitled’ tracks are 4 sec guitar riff and repeated for 22 times before the CD really end. Creative idea and work well for CD but I am not sure about the cassette version. “Vehement” is a thrash metal release (as some magazine said) but not entirely true since they are mixing various kind of style. Or maybe thrash is not suitable to be called since “Vehement” is not aggressive enough either musically or vocally. Maybe can be called modern metal or heavy metal? I don’t think I like what I am hearing. Musically they are not bad I guess. They have quite good solos and some songs using guitar effects, which I like. Don’t question their musicianship as the songs prove it. But what I don’t like that it doesn’t offer the intensity, aggression that I seek in a metal release. Or maybe the songs are not my cup tea.