UPRISING (Malaysia) 
Sacred Productions, 1998

Formed by the members of ENFORCER and this cassette album is released by their own label, SACRED PRODUCTION. You can released anything if you have your own label and money. I don't really understand what are they trying to do with this album. 'Metal Vein' is what they say for their music and 'metal vein' is not really my style of music. Claimed to combine various of style (metal, non-metal, medieval, borogue, etc) but for me just boring death/thrash, only the intro/outro is the only track I like. Of course, this is their first release, maybe they can come out with something better next time. Sacred Productions will also produce couple of mini and full-lenght albums for local bands. Do watch the review column here in Steel Madness because bands are quite interesting.

UPRISING (Malaysia)
Sacred Productions, 2002
This is not in my 'shopping' list. On the last days of my holiday (before going back to the Borneo jungle) I plan to buy lots of cassettes and CDs. It is a surprise to see this CD on the shelf because it has been years I didn't hear any news from the band. This is a joint release with Music Trax and again they did a good job on this release just like RAVENLORD CD (referring to the thick booklet and now the CD is at the low price of RM 15.60!). But the music is not the thing to cherish about. You will not believe I still buy this (refer the review I made on their first album). It is cool that they strongly believe in what they do. Again, the Malay myth, heroism is still the concept (and they even dress with Malay traditional costume). 13 tracks (more than 1 hour) which includes 5 tracks from the previous album. 2 tracks are instrumental traditional folk music (where you can almost dance while listening). The rest are new songs and this time the music changes and keyboard + female vocals are added together. There some tracks with normal male and female vocals which sounded like Theatre Of Tragedy rip off (these tracks also reminds me of a great local doom band UNDEAD). The song "Bisikan Yang Menyesatkan" (death/rock kind of music) is my only fave and the only track composed by Panglima Guruh Keramat.