UNVEILED / TRAUMA (Malaysia / Indonesia)
Split CD
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2000

2 S.E.Asian brutal death metal in one CD. Both bands playing US style of death metal. As we all know Indonesia has the biggest metal scene in SEA and have a lot of brutal bands. TRAUMA is not the best one for me and I can’t also suggest which one is the best. Listening to TRAUMA means you listen to the Indonesian scene as they represent hundreds of bands that play in the similar style TRAUMA played. As for Malaysia, there is only handful of brutal death bands. So it is a bit hard to choose and labeled as ‘the best’ band. UNVEILED have progressed a lot since their demo and their tracks here can be said as the best from them so far. I was surprise that Malaysia can produce brutal band like UNVEILED. So along NECROTIC CHAOS, DREADED, now UNVEILED. UNVEILED delivers 4 tracks while TRAUMA contributes 5 including a Fleshgrind cover. Both band have to work a lot on the sound if they want to stand up higher in today scene where death metal is said making a comeback. Comparing these two bands, TRAUMA is much better.
UNVEILED, No. 9 Jln 7/3, Tmn Desa, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. satanrule@hotmail.com
TRAUMA, Komplek P.W.I. Blok I 123, Jln. Tajuk Rencana, Cipinang Muara, Jakarta Timur 13420, Indonesia. morbidtrauma@lycos.com
[3/5] / [3.5/5]