Recollected Limbs
Bloodbath Records / Obliteration Records / Weird Truth Production, 2001

3 Japanese labels finally make this release possible. 12 songs, with more than 70 minutes of TRANSGRESSOR metal. Transgressor metal? Well, what I mean is the CD shows how they develop all these years and how they sounded in all release. “Recollected Limbs” is almost the complete compilation of TRANSGRESSOR songs. Songs from 1990-1991 are in brutal death metal. Songs from 1992 (their debut album) 1993 the band turns into doomy death metal with really depressive metal. In 1998, two songs (from a local compilation) show that they are back into brutal death/grind like their earlier material. The last song in this CD is their brand new unreleased (yet) song. A 6 minutes song, which you will say they are playing brutal death if you only hear for couple of minutes but towards the end of the song, the song slow down (a lot) turn into a dark depressive song. The band broke up but reform in year 2000 and records this song. Hard to guess what will they come out later just by listening to one track. The CD comes with the band complete bio, info of songs featured and picture collage. It will be better if they can include together the band’s current photo. Although TRANSGRESSOR can be considered as Japan death metal legend, this is the first time I heard their music. Pity me.
c/o Takashi Tanaka, 1-18-25-601 Mutsugi, Adachiku Tokyo 121-0052, Japan.