The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin
Worldchaos Production, 1999
"Real Thrash Metal" is what Worldchaos labelled TERROR SQUAD music. Considering the fact that more and more bands claimed to play thrash or add some 'thrashy' element in their music after known for years with death/black metal. Another copy of Kreator or Sodom you might say and I also think the same before. But they do have their own identity and originality. What I liked about them is the strong, fast and aggressive thrash metal with occasional melodic heavy/hard rock solo or tempo changes. In all 7 tracks there have speed then into slow melodic and then start berserk again. The best lyrics must be the song Disco Bloody Disco, talking about killing those whimpy disco music lovers. This song was also appeared in Primitive Art's "Headbanger Against Disco Vol. 3" 7"EP. Killing, war, revenge is the theme of this album actually. The booklet is filled with Japanese comic/drawing. What seem to be the 'mistake' here is they put a cool artwork for the CD tray (depicting a woman holding a bloody samurai sword and on the other hand holding someone head). It is much better than the front cover artwork.

Japanese Metal Destruction 7"EP
Legion Of Death Records, 2002
L.O.D. debut release. Black vinyl, nice layout and color gatefold cover (with lyrics and lots of pictures) and limited to 300 copies. Side Shie-Tsu-Hiko features TERROR SQUAD with 2 tracks, "Straight To Hell" (Japanese Version) and a Japanese titled track played live. If I am not mistaken, this song is also available in their debut CD but couldn't remember the title. Side Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone features the mighty SABBAT with "Le Feu Noir" (French Version of "Black Fire") and live version of "Darkness and Evil". No further comment needed.