TALISMAN (Malaysia)
Awake From The Nightmare
Night Art Production, 2001
Experimental melodic metal. Sounds interesting and hearing the actual product proved that I am not wrong. The problem is the sound of this tape is so fucked up. I have to put my stereo at the highest volume to hear the songs. Oh, I forgot. This is a rehearsal tape. I can hear some good melodies in the music. They are truly melodic and use normal sad-sounding male voice with some harsh vocals at times. Normal one needs some work. Hope to hear a much better recording in the future. If they do, TALISMAN will be a blast in the local metal scene.
c/o Hailul Akhmasz, Lot 11569, Jln. Kg. Dew, Kg. Tersusun, 34700 Simpang, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.