Oriental Hell Rhythmics
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2000
The debut album consist of 6 tracks (plus 1 hidden track) of fast, furious black metal. The promotion of this band is massive here including in commercial rock magazine. I guess the writer seeks for something better than usual heavy/thrash metal but canít trust any of their words. There is one review I read he comment on the originality of most local releases. Yes, I do agree with him. "Oriental..." might not offer anything new internationally but comparing this with other local black releases, I think they are the best. Fans of true, raw Scandinavian black metal with apocalyptic speed worldwide will truly like this. The songs are quite long (more than 5 minutes) but do not bore you with its utterly fast music. There are some re-recorded songs from their debut reh/demo. The lyrics are quite interesting too. This is already 2 years old. They will have a new album out soon.
Surrender Of Divinity, P.O.Box 161, Samsennai, BKK 10400, Thailand.


Immolating The Son Of Whore 7"EP
Legion Of Death, 2003
Siamese christbeheaders are back with the latest release after the great debut album in past 2 years. This kult EP had Release by L.O.D (kult label from France).This EP feature 2 tracks Side A feature their Original Torment "Immolating The Son Of Whore" and Side B is a cover song from mighty IMPIETY "Anal Madonna" taken from Asateerul Awallen" album 1995.After listening this great EP I must say that S.O.D now will follow IMPIETY path...They delivered great music. Compare their debut album and this EP I really like this EP a lot coz they're now more to Black/Death Metal with Brutal blasting drum mixed with fast riff makes it so superb. No more Scandinavian Black Metal sounds in their composition. They also did well IMPIETY cover. They cover with their own style and change it to be fast and brutal than Original.. I can classified S.O.D now as Siamese Christfucking Brutal Black Fucking Metal. Their vokilzz rulez especially when their singing with vomitz style pure cult Black Metal voice. This kult EP have already sold out coz release just in Limited 300copy hand numbered and my copy is 008/300. The band soon will release 5 Way Split LP with MORBOSIDAD (USA) TENEBRARE (France) THORNSPAWN (USA) and GOATREICH666 (ITALY). So this time do not miss to get their weapon of mass destruction.. S.O.D stand strong as Siamese No 1 Christfucking Black Metal
c/o Whathayakorn