SUCKERHEAD (Indonesia)
10th Agresi 
PT Aquarius, 1999

This is somekind of "the best of..." compilation and perhaps released to celebrate their 10th anniversary. This is my first Indonesian metal CD. Before, I just heard that metal band didn't release CD there but they manage to release it after sign for a mainstream label. 14 tracks, with a wide range of style in one CD. The songs are gathered from their previous albums, EP and single and in each release, they sound different. Songs from album 1995 have more thrash/death rock metal while from the latest Single 1999, the songs are like 'happy' punk like music. Songs are sing in English and Indonesia. So actually you will hear 4 kind of style (because the songs are taken from 4 release) which you can said as progression or wimping out. Hear how they develop in those 10 years. I actually like almost all the song here, from death to slow rock and even those punk tunes (due to its funny lyric). Want to taste mainstream metal (for Malaysian, add this one along ith your XPDC collection, if you have one) try this 'domestic-only' release. I guess you can't find it outside Indonesia. 
Suckerhead, Studio 29, Jl. Mesjid I no. 29, Tegal Parang Selatan, Jakarta 12790, Indonesia.