Metal Blast Project Split Tape
Rock Candy, 2000

Two well-known East Malaysian bands presenting their latest opus under a label own by CANDY (I guess, not 100% sure), Malaysian first all girl alternative band. What happen to SENSELESS ? They style have change but I regard it as a positive change, not effected by any trend. Their music is more heavy metal than death metal and singing in Malay makes the songs even more interesting. If normal vocals used instead of growling, they can compete with local famous mainstream heavy metal band, XPDC. Their 4 tracks simply rules, especially the melodic solos ! The riffs on the last track from their side is quite familiar. Sounds like they are using the same riffs from a song from their second album. SPUTUM, a well known 'crossover' band is not my fave. Combining hardcore and metal, singing in harsh vocals is not my type since their first release, especially in here where hardcore is more dominant. This release is also available in CD. Usually I will grab the CD but since the price is fucking high and looking at the simple booklet, I think it will a waste of my hard earned money. Fortunately I make the right choice. It will a waste to spend RM 40 for just 4 songs.