SIGH (Japan)
Scorn Defeat
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2000

Everybody should already know "Scorn Defeat", released by Deathlike Silence years ago. I only have that copied on tape. Now I got the album on CD released by PSE to celebrate SIGH's show in Kuala Lumpur in year 2000 with inclusion of 1 extra tracks and an interesting version of the kult "The Seven Gates Of Hell". I don't like reviewing old album/LP/etc, like many editors did even if the music is great. And in this case, "Scorn Defeat" is a great release and still are even after 7 years of it being recorded. SIGH black metal is quite different. It is not fast at all and has very dark atmosphere created by keyboard. Certainly not like today's vampiric black metal band and considering it was a 1993 release, you will amaze that they can come with this kind of style or you can say pioneer. Nothing more I can say and I think every black metaller already have this in their valuable black metal collection.