SHE'S GORE (Thailand)
Demo 2001
Dark Oracle, 2001
This is the solo project of Thanit @ Joe (of DEATHGUY, also contribute the keys in SURRENDER OF DIVINITY debut album). With the name She's Gore, we can easily assume this band play brutal gore death/grind. Here we have 6 tracks, almost 15 minutes of death/grind with porn/death as the concept. You can name those bands from the US or Czech, Mortician, etc in the list. Not original but I am surprised with the outcome of this demo. 1 man, brutal, good sound. Not sure whether the drum is human or drum machine but it doesn't sound like a drum machine. Fans or death/grind should try this one. The demo is available in CD-R and cassette with glossy b&w cover.
c/o Thanit Thepsitrakorn, 21/2 Soi Suan Oi 1 Samsen Rd. Dusit, Bangkok, 10300 Thailand.