Demo 2002
This is the band's second demo. The first one was released in June 2000. In December on the same year they recorded new songs (probably for a compilation project) and the songs are now available in this tape. 2 pro-recorded songs with 1 song in Malay. They play melodic (Swedish) black metal. Fast and furious music and not excessively melodic. Some Sarawakian (and also all local) bands do have potential if they know how to utilize a good studio. The demo comes with a xerox cover but not nicely made like their music. They also copied for me the song "Ibliyssyaithannirajim" that will be released in the next Panggilan Pulau Puaka compilation. This new track crushes all their previous stuff!! They are much faster in this new opus, and added some keyboard. They are now more mature and ready to terrorize!
c/o Akramin, No. 86, Jalan Perintah, Sekaan Besar, 96250 Matu, Sarawak, Malaysia.