Split And Unite
Demo 1999

This is among the few Malaysian underground metal band which release their demo with color cover by themselves and still selling at the cheap price (or 'standard' local demo/zine price nowadays) of RM 7 (for Malaysian and at the 'killing' price of USD 7 for foreigner). I must give highest credit for that. At least they are trying to be different with other Malaysian band. This demo presents 8 tracks with an 'okay' sound. If they recorded this demo in Negeri 9 then Negeri band should use this studio. They label their music as extreme music. Are they try to play it safe ? The music is like slow version of grindcore (I mean the guitar) and they vocal is too obvious hardcore-like. I don't like the vocal though and the music is not really my cup of tea. The song Face The Reality is the best track here as well as Obey, Betray... . Obey, Betray... is an electronic / industrial track and this. Better than Zigod (read review elsewhere). Another track is Bola Ke Telo ?, sounds like some tribe in Amazon forest doing some ceremonies with chanting un-understandable words and hand clapping. Reminds me of Sepultura actually. The cover comes with lyrics and funnily I can only read/see the member's name and not the band's picture. Was it intended to be like that or it's the printer fault ? New demo is on recording on the time this review being upload in the internet.
c/o Nuradli Ridzwan, No 486 Jln Kenanga 2, Tmn Bkt Chedang, 70200 Seremban, N Sembilan, Malaysia.