Revolution Nite

For the first time I received a video CD and also the first time I review a VCD. I am not sure whether this is available for sale or not but you will never know since no contact address given. The VCD was given by Trishul Records and they asked me to review this. 2 VCD (more than an hour) of their live show called “Revolution Nite” at Razz on 2nd August 2002. SCEPTRE, a 4 piece band which plays heavy metal and I think they performed some of their originals and lots of cover songs (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth). Decent sound and picture quality, amateur shot using a home video. I thought Malaysian audience is too ‘gentle’ in gig but Indian is even worse. The selection of songs sucks for me, death/black metal fan and so does the audience. You shouldn’t be standing like a statue during a Maiden song, right? I heard that BLASPHEMY VCD is on sale and I must have that one and so must you, the readers of this zine.