The Grand Executor
Nebiula Production,  1999

A new promising Malaysian black metal band. The last news given by them was they are going to release a demo in end of 1999 but later on I found this cassette EP in a music store. Nebiula have made the right choice in giving the opportunity for SAUTS ALASTOR to release the recorded songs in a cassette EP because the package and production is much more professional than releasing it by themselves as a demo tape. 3 tracks of atmospheric and melodic black metal which can closely compared with Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir with some swedish melodic touches. The chanting in some part of the song really remind me of Enslaved. The 3 tracks are Sauts Monastery, Devouring The Purity Of Holliness and Anthem Of Impiousness. The usage of keyboard is really effective, melodic but doesn't loose the dark feeling. Really shocking actually listening to this EP because in Malaysian black metal, I didn't expect much except for the next release from BAZZAH, NEBIRAS. Not that the new Malaysian bm band is not good enough but most of it too obsess with the old root of bm like the old Absu or As Sahar (in their demo days). Another surprise is the executive producer of this EP is Atannaz. Formerly known with his black metal band, KITANAI-CHI and also release a cassette EP with MISTERY, his solo dark metal band. It has been years since the EP was released and I'm curious to know what is he up to know with his band and his label, Mistery Production which also handle the release of SAUTS ALASTOR debut release. Since The Grand Executor already mesmerised me, I will surely check both Mistery Production and SAUTS ALASTOR next release.