Extinction By The Birth Control
North Poem Records, 1999

Only few Malaysian band are into brutal deathgrind music and SARDOTICAL SCOUNDREL are proudly being one of them. First professional release from NORTH POEM RECORDS and also have a good distribution compared with the label's previous releases. With members of FILTHELESS, another brutal death metal band but SARDOTICAL SCOUNDREL is a lot different with the before-mentioned band. This band plays music which clearly influenced by old NAPALM DEATH, AGATHOCLES, and some US brutal death bands. The songs are short, with deep growling, fast drumming like mostly grindcore songs would have. This stuff is strictly for fans of this style only. As for me, this cassette EP, although have a good sound and neat cover, has the brutality but it is an average release that hard for me to swallow. I prefer to see them playing live because I have witnessed their shows and they are really insane on stage.