Split Tape with DARK VISION (Greece)
North Poem Records, 2002
One of the most delayed release. I've been informed about this split release since late 1998 but it was successfully came into reality few years later. I was also told it will be released in CD as well but the label didn't mentioned that when sending this tape to me or written in the catalog. Side A is SARCASTIC, which is one of the best metal bands in Kedah. Their blend of melodic black and heavy metal rules this tape! Side B features DARK VISION. Should I say Sarcastic's twin brother? Musically they are almost in the same style except that Dark Vision adds awfully sounded keyboards in their music. Its looks like they have a female member. She must be the keyboardist. I am not a sexist. They keys are okay on few parts but the rest just ruins the songs. They should check how Sarcastic plays their metal! I've seen a much better designed cassette jacket so that is what I want to complain besides Dark Vision. They should add some more info on the bands, etc. They made it too simple. If the CD version is really available, with this kind of jacket design, I can imagine how bad it will look like. Anyway this release still needs to be checked because of Sarcastic.
c/o Sarcastic:
c/o Dark Vision, P.O.Box 86251, 18505 Kallipoli, Greece.
4/5 | 2.5/5