Demo 2003
Dementia Records, 2003

It is strange with Bruneian scene. They are active in mid 90's but then the scene seems be dead. I don't think the conflict 'Malaysia vs Brunei' have anything to with this (this conflict thing is quite funny. I spare the story for some other time). I was very glad when they contact me. There are still few metal bands there but didn't make much publicity or contact like it used to be back then. This is the first Saprosoul demo consisting of two tracks; "Devoted Darkness" and "Empirical…Encroach". They are playing black metal, mid pace, dark and atmospheric type of black metal. The music is spiced with keyboards and female vocals. Clean, clear sound except for the drums which sound really bad. I don't like the first track but the second track is a bit okay. The atmospheric keyboard parts and the vocals work well but overall the music really needs something more.
Saprosoul, No: 13 Simpang 490, Kg. Kapok, Jalan Muara BT2328, Brunei Darussalam.