SAKRAMOTH (Malaysia)
My Spirits Buried With Paksi Naga 
Demo 1999

A new band from the same neigbourhood where DARK BREED dwell. I rather review DB demo, which I think will offer something interesting after listening to a track in a local compilation tape. I found that SAKRAMOTH being interview by many local fanzines. They must be great, if not the editor will not regard them as young LANGSUYR. But after listening to this demo, I was dissappointed. Lyrically, they are using the malay occult theme like the rest of the enw band here. Musicwise, they are into death/black metal, in the style that old VRYKOLAKAS played. Nothing interesting in this 4 tracks tape. Latest news I got, the band is re-recording their debut demo due to huge demand. 
c/o Azaharil Anuar b. Zahir, Blok K138 Fasa 3A, 32040 Seri Manjung, Malaysia.