The Land Called Mashyar
Sonic Wave International, 1999

Those who have hear SAKARATUL MAUT in Metal Legion (and all tracks in that compilation) might think twice before buying anything from the label who responsible releasing this compilation and also the bands involved due to its bad sound production. Fortunately, sound-wise The Land Called Mashyar is much better than the compilation and the songs from SAKARATUL MAUT is much better and matured. The guitar solos, dual vocals, guitar effects, everything have outcome the 2 tracks SAKARATUL MAUT's contributed in Metal Legion. Compare the new and old version of track Jahanam and you see what I mean and this track is my fave track. However, SAKARATUL MAUT is a one man death/industrial band and he use drum-programming making this CD hard for me to digest. The overall songs is less interesting compare to Jahanam and bored me after a while. Looks like the songs have been arranged with the best track first and the most boring one last. The Land Called Mashyar is an above-average release and pity the artwork cover for Malaysian version have been censored.  Maybe afraid of this album banned here as it might be regarded as anti-islam, so the Malaysian version will not have the arabic caligraphy like you see in the picture above.  That's the problem with country such as Malaysia who cannot appreciate art.

The Video
As you might know, SAKARATUL MAUT is a one-man band belongs to Makhluq (the editor of Dark Legions Magazine). He managed to get a bassist and drummer for "Qooan U's Death Gig 2002" in Singapore and he himself as the vocalist/guitarist. I am not sure about other bands playing on that day. Anyway in this video you will see 30 minutes of their live show (the one and only I guess) and a 10 minute animation made by Makhluq. The live show and the showmanship were just okay. He interacts with the audience. He didn't forget the 'executioner mask' which is the band's trademark. Playing songs from the debut album, the new song "Burning Salib" (featured in Legions Of The Dark Compilation) and some covers (Iron Maiden and others which I am not sure which from bands). Clear picture quality and things in this video are done professionally (not some cheap home video stuff). You will see some familiar faces in the video watching Sakaratul Maut perform. The animation is hilarious I guess. I didn't know Sakaratul Maut's songs will turn the listener into cannibals. Ordering information should be asked directly to Makhluq.