RUDRA (Singapore)
The Aryan Crusade
Trishul Records, 2001

Here comes the new album 3 years after the release of their self-titled debut album by Sonic Wave International (ex-Candlelight Productions). Now RUDRA is under a new label, new line-up and with a small changes in their music. 13 tracks present here excluding intro/outro with more than 50 minutes of their original death metal. They are still in the same concept but unlike “Rudra”, which a bit slow compare with “The Aryan Crusade”, this time they have throw away the Hindu chant/instrument intro on the songs (except for the intro, outro of this album a 2 minutes song “Homage To The Seers”). It is easy to put this kind of intro on the song. The hardest thing is embedding these elements in the (death metal) songs. They didn’t do this in “The Aryan Crusade” but you can hear the Hindu elements throughout the songs. This makes them quite original in today’s metal scene. The CD comes with 12 pages booklet, which is a rare thing in the local metal scene. Overall, a great release.

Trishul Records, 2003
The third offering from Singapore's Vedic Death Metal and also among the few veterans in the scene still exist along with IMPIETY. The 11 tracks (40 min) album is licensed to Trishul for worldwide distribution. The new album added more metallic approach compare with the previous albums. They dropped out the Indian classical instruments but they still sound like RUDRA even though there are more fast metal attack in the songs. Track 10, 'Ye Immortal One', actually a 1 minute speech, preaching about something. The CD booklet is not as thick and good design like "The Aryan Crusade" (even the band picture is not featured) but all the lyrics are printed and a must read. Writing down the good songs here is like copying what have been printed on the CD back/tray cover. YOU, get more info from their website and learn more about RUDRA. I am to lazy right now and want to save my energy doing something else.
Blk 24, Marsiling Drive, #08-185, Singapore 730024.