Sky Lake
Mort Productions, 2002

Chinese band delivering 40+ minutes of black metal. I got no info about the band and everything is in Chinese except for the line-up name and track titles. They consist of 4 young guys (they are not using corpse paint so I can guess from the pictures); Nong Yong (vocals/guitar), Pei Lei (bass), Xhang Xin (lead guitar) and Li Yang (drums). Influenced by Norwegian black acts and it is fast, chaotic and intense. The vocals are powerful but I must curse some calm parts in some songs. If I am not mistaken, the third track is the same track featured in Resurrection Of The Gods Volume 1. Nicely design booklet. Generally the band is good but still lack some strong point that will make they stand higher in the huge 'lake' of black metal release. "Sky Lake" is easily like-able and easily forgotten.
c/o Mort Productions; wang@areadeath.net