RAVENLORD (Malaysia)
Martyr, Hail
MusicTrax, 2000

Formerly known as Misanthrope and once appear in "Intrusion Of Dark Journey" compilation tape in 1994 (featuring some great Malaysian black metal !). The name have change and their music have also change. 8 tracks, 45 minutes of... what should I say, a mixed black metal album ? Basically there are 3 separated style present here. Some songs sounds like Satyricon (in "Nemesis Divina"), some like viking metal/folk (Enslaved) and fast norwegian black metal. It takes time for me to digest their music. The music is not really original and a song is sung in Norwegian really makes it hard to be accepted into my system. Only the "Desolate Flesh" doesn't have connection with any style I mentioned above and remain the best track in this CD. A re-make of "Unholy Invocation Moonspell Of Winged Goat" (the track that appear in "Intrusion..." comp) also present here but it is a bit messed up and too chaotic. The original one is much better. If you like Satyricon, Enslaved and fast norwegian black metal in one single CD, get this one. One unique thing about this release is, it has a thick booklet. I have never seen any local extreme metal release which have such booklet. Definitely this CD comes in a very good package.