RASPATUL (Singapore)
Menghitung Ajal

The first time I heard of this band is from Storm Of Nebiula compilation. The same two tracks featured there is in this promo. The other three tracks are a bit better than the one they featured in that compilation. Overall, 5 tracks with almost 30 minutes of music. If you already read the review of the compilation, you might already know what to expect; thrash/death metal. The first two tracks, "Intense Intro /w Breaking" and "Scraped Torn Flesh", together with tracks number 4, "A.O.D. (Annilihation Of Divinity)" are probably their best songs and the most thrashy in this release. The other two, "Menghitung Ajal" and the last track on this release, "Unholy" are a bit slow and depressive. Whether this promo is for sale or not, I am not sure but you will not loose much if you try getting this release. The promo looks great; color booklet with black colored cd-r and with colored sticker on it. (If you are still wondering, "Menghitung Ajal" and "A.O.Dů" are the tracks featured in the compilation).