PYRON (Malaysia)
Hell Pyre 2002
Nebiula Productions, 2002
I have their "Pure Flesh.." demo, which is one of the local best demo of that year. Because of that demo and also with the quote from the label's flyer comparing Pyron with Langsuyr (that is a highest compliment a band could get), this EP is one of the most anticipated release. Luckily "Hell Pyre 2002" meets with my expectation. Eastern death metal like they said in their demo flyer so this is what you will hear in this 5 tracks tape. They are progressing in the right way. Music wise they are getting more brutal, a bit melodic with good solos. They improve a lot especially on the guitars and the vocals. Maybe the sound is not in the best state but perhaps it is my tape's fault. I think this will be a problem when the CD version is release (as a split album with Vociferation Eternity "For Thee" album). One of the interesting things is this 'eastern' thing in metal. You will get the answers from them in the forthcoming interview.

PYRON (Malaysia)
Promo Tracks 2003

The latest attack from Pyron which I received few weeks before this is released. Two new songs; "Wounded Pride" and "Yesterday Comes Alive". I think these songs was recorded for compilation project but I don't exactly sure. Good sound, I prefer this one than the cassette EP. The songs are much, much better. Much more intense, brutal, technical and less melodic. They have destroyed the eastern softness in their DNA (refer the interview) and now they are in the league of unique eastern brutal death bands!!
P.O.Box 585, 30670 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.