PROPHESY (Singapore) 
Profanator Of The Black Empire 
Demo 1999

The most underground black metal band from Singapore. I just knew them upon recommendation from Shyaithan of IMPIETY. Quite shocking at first, after I found out he (PROPHESY is a one man band, fronted by Vasp Necrogoat) already release couples of demo and one split EP with a Finnish black metal released under Stalhammar Production (Finland). Never heard of them either from my contact in Singapore or even in zines. There's must be a reson why Vasp isolated himself from local underground metal scene. About this demo, its featured all songs from the split EP plus few extra tracks. Raw, fast scandinavian black metal with satanic, anti christian lyrics. Luckily this one-man project use a real drum so it does not suffer the stagnat, boring drum beat. Quite good considering its a one man effort. I only suggest Vasp use a good studio with professional recording. The era of harsh sounding recording is not really appreciated nowadays in some cases. The next release will be a 7" EP, so look forward to get that EP because this demo is in limited 50 copies and could be out of stock. By the way this demo is not for sale actually but you can purchase the split EP from Finnish distribution/mailorder service. PROPHESY contact address is not permitted to be shown.