PERVERTS (Malaysia)
Forth Devilry Millenium
Misery Records, 2000

A 3 tracks demo, black metal that should be improved sound-wise. They are playing fast norwegian kind of black metal but also blends their music with a slow depressive moment. Quite okay actually. After a few listening, the music atracts me. Its like listening to demos released in mid 1990's, raw and with dark aura are present in the songs. I was told this demo this demo is no longer for sale. They decided to re-record it and I think that is a good idea. The vocalist for this band once sing for HAYAGRIVA and they are quite famous in the local scene. His voice doesn't change. Since I have brought up Hayagriva here, I am curious to know whether the demo of PROFANUM VULGAS (with members of Hayagriva, Vociferation, etc) have been release or just rumours spread by someone that like to waste his money printing flyers.