NOCTERNITY (Indonesia)
Extreme Souls Production, 2002
11 tracks cassette LP. There are seven members in the band including a female vocalist 'enriching' the songs with the clear voice. This is one of the most unoriginal music I have heard. This is a carbon copy of Cradle Of Filth. It is not really a bad thing but surely this tape will not last long in my hi-fi. 4 of the songs are synth instrumentals songs placed in between the songs. They include the lyrics and the best lyric goes to "To The Abyssic Vulva". They didn't use corpse-paint but I can see why from the thanks list. May you all enter al-Jannah. Aminů
c/o Wawan, Jl. Otista no.289 Subang 41251, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.