SERAPH / NETHEREALM (Austria / Singapore)
Summoning The Shadowsouls Split Tape
Demonion Productions, 2000

SERAPH starts the tape with 4 tracks including a cover from Dark Funeral “Open The Gates”. They play the usual Scandinavian black metal, which is quite okay and sound wise they are the best in this tape. On the other side is NETHEREALM, a one man black metal project lead by Night. I have been waiting to hear the new songs from NETHEREALM after the release “Dark Winds Of Asuras” demo 1997. The last news I heard was Night will have a split tape with Finnish’s Flauros released by Malaysian MUTIARA HITAM PRODUCTIONS. I guess that was merely a plan. The 2 songs for that release are available in this tape and include 1 new song but all songs are recorded in 1998 unlike SERAPH which the songs are recorded in June 2000. NETHEREALM music is fast and a bit melodic and still in the same style of their last demo. Zirkelloch of KIBOSH SIBYL KISMET contributes his voice for some songs. Night even sings in his native language (Chinese).
SERAPH c/o Chris Kummer (Noctifier), Heizhausgasse 12, 2460 Bruckneudorf, Austria.
NETHEREALM c/o Night, 19 Ellington Square, S(568930), Singapore.
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