Ode of Yearning Sorrow

If I remember it well, I got their one of their old demo and made a review for the first issue but on that time I was new in using computer. My hard disk crash (thanks to the virus creator. Die in flames!) and did not make any back-up (I do it now!). There are lots of tapes I reviewed but after done reviewing I swapped the tapes. I couldn't remember how they sound like. Well, if they are good, I will not forget about it, right? The band is consist of 6 members (including two guitarists and a keyboardist) and claimed to be playing 'Necrobourganic Dark Atmospheric Extreme Metal'. I have shorter description, 'atmospheric black metal'. 4 tracks are in the demo. The vocalist has a good voice where he sings in both death and black style. If this demo is released when I was doing my first issue, it will have good score. The demo was recorded live. You will hear some mistakes (some are too obvious). "Lights In Abyssia" is a good song but the rest (except for the last track) is a bit mediocre for me. They are good in doing the keyboard and need to be tighter in their playing. The sound is quite good for a demo but they need to have better sound for this type of music. About the last track, it is a bit weird because it is totally in different style. "Gravechild" is a thrash song. Raw and together with the evil vocals, this sounds great in my ears! They admit that the song does not fit with the band's concept so that leave a big '?' in why they include that in this demo. Musically, they are quite promising. I hope they can do it better and professional next time.
c/o Md. Adhlan Ariffin, F726, Kg. Batu 3, Jln. Jeniang, 08300 Gurun, Kedah.