DESECRATOR / NECREOUS (South Africa / Singapore) 
Sound Action, 1994

This tape is quite old, released in 1994. I once bought it in '95 from a local distro but that one sucks soundwise and only half side of the tape is copied leaving the NECREOUS side blank. So I asked for a copy from NECREOUS themselves and this time the sound is much better. To cut it short, DESECRATOR plays thrash/death metal without any fast guitar solos but you can get along well through all of their 4 tracks. NECREOUS plays 5 tracks of death-grind-doom with their "dinosour" theme. I like them more than DESECRATOR. Overall, the sound is not that good but still hearable. This tape doesn't represent the band today because it is 5 years old. Send blank tape + USD 1 for this tape and get a glossy printed cover.
KATADORE Distribution, 23 Mayflower Terrace, $ingapore 568566.