NECBEYTH (Singapore)
Total Battle Supremacy
In Coffin Productions, 2003
Fantastic! That are the word came out from my mouth after listening this tape several times. This young and talented band is improved a lot. This great Demo consist 4 Tracks of Raw, Fast, Mercilles and Brutal Black/Death Metal. I can hear some parts reminds me BEHEMOTH, ENTHRONED, ANGELCORPSE and MARDUK but overall they make their composition with their own style. Feurstrum Vokilzz so rulez he sings with his own style and not like others Black Metal Singer. This band is next will bring up higher our Black Metal scene coz we lack of great Black Metal bands and NECBEYTH can stand same line with IMPIETY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY as our proud band. This Demo release in Limited hand numbered 333 copy only and 100 first buyer will get NECBEYTH badges. Highly recommended to you but not to Whimp and gay Black Metal wannabe. NECBEYTH rulez . 666/666 Fucking Skull
c/o Feurstrum