NARRATOR  (Malaysia) 
Promotape 1999

NARRATOR is new band from Kedah, a state that produce many well-mentioning bands lately. This is their very first recordings so ofcourse there are many room for improvement and progression also take time to develop. If they continue to progress and keep the band alive, NARRATOR should be another band that everyone should be aware of. This promo already caught my attention despite the bad sound recording. Melodic dark metal is what they claimed to play but for me it should be called melodic death with black metal-like vocal. 'Melodic' is from their guitar riffs and solo which I enjoyed very much but I couldn't find the 'dark' in this 2 track tape like they mentioned. Intro for Wangian Kemboja sounds like AS SAHAR on their Meditation... EP and the last tracks is an intrumental song, Mouseleumoath. Musically they are good, if only a much better studio being with professional recording the result will be much better. Keep your eye on this band.
c/o Mohd Yushizam, 308 Tmn Mewah, Jln Langgar, 05460 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.