Splitting The Vulva
Dark Artz Releases, 2002

The long awaited material from the gods of Malaysian brutal death metal! Although it is a bit of disappointment as this split only feature 4 tracks from NC with 2 are old songs which I think taken directly from Ipoh’s Metal compilation released in 1998. No need to commend further. They will make you craving for more! The soon-to-be-released debut album will be a ‘must have’ item in your brutal death collection! Cardiac Necropsy is not a new band either but I only knew about them from this CD. They are as old as NC. Playing porno gore grind, contributing 5 tracks (only 9 minutes out of 20 min). It is not in any way like Lividity, CN ‘porn’ is more violent. Don’t expect to hear steamy female moaning here. The booklet includes the bands bio. This CD is a preview; NC is already confirmed and I guess CN will soon release its debut full-length too. If you like this one, you’ll probably like the new release too. Contact address of CN is not available but you can use their site to reach them.
Necrotic Chaos:
Cardiac Necropsy:
[4.5/5] / [4/5]

Regime Grotesque
Ultra Hingax Production, 2003

This is it! Their very first album after more than a decade of existence. Yes, "Regime Grotesque" is the title of Malaysia`s NECROTIC CHAOS album. 8 tracks are featured in this album (including one instrumental) which in my opinion are quite chaotic. Brutal Death Metal is what they are playing and I must say that I`m impressed with this release. The band are heavily influenced by Morbid Angel, Death, a little Cannibal Corpse etc. They managed to create some brutal parts in most of the songs. I can hear almost all the riffs (thanks to the great production courtesy of Nebiula Sound Recording). Great vocal work by Adik and brilliant blistering solos by Jadam. Some songs that worth listening are the title track (Regime Grotesque), Necrochemical Suicide, Necrotic Chaos (a lust macabre). The album comes with a great artwork by Desmond Sia (Impiety, Angelcorpse, Abhorrence etc). This album is undoubtedly the best Death Metal album ever released by a Malaysian band since the legendary "Conception Of Madness" by Sil Khannaz!
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