MINDWAR (Malaysia) 
Better Bad Than Nothing
Muzik Box, 1998

At last I got this demo from a local distribution service and now I've heard the band is now r.i.p. I've read an interview of them in a local zine in 1997 and send a blank tape for their promo (as mentioned in the interview) but didn't get a reply. MINDWAR consist of a member from defunct black/death metal band called BELPHEGODZ. An one-man band actually a supposed to release a cassette EP or demo in 1997 but didn't make it due to high cost of recording the songs by himself in a professional studio in Singapore. Well, there's a track from BELPHEGODZ in this tape, the last song in this tape actually and this song is different with what MINDWAR is playing, heavy metal/thrash/death music. The self-acclaime bastard sons of heavy metal do capable of composing good song here but the sound is not good in my hearing. The track Witchcunt is quite interesting, thrash with some remixs of 70's or 80's music which I usually heard from movies release on that particular year (whatever they called that music is). I won't use 'better bad than nothing' as my motto. If I knew the result is bad, I will not release/do it. Always strive for perfection...