MG-34 (Malaysia)
Promo Desecration
Astral Lore Productions, 2003
The band formed in early 1999 and currently the line-up is (as stated in the cassette sleeve): Psychopathik Anal Terror (g) , Apokalyptik War Breeder (b), War Head Pulverizer (g), Nuklear Hell Desekrator (v) and Bestial War Sodomizer (d). They wanted to be called as a 'war death metal' band (as you can see from their name and the songs title) and recorded this promo in early 2001. This tape contains 3 tracks including a 90 second instrumental and comes with neatly design black and white cover. You will hear raw and sick sounded noise in the 2 tracks; "Diabolical Warfare" and "Nuclear War". The music does not sound like it was played by 5 men. You will like them if you like Kratornas's demos. And I think many people will dig MG-34 since Kratornas is lots of people's faves.
c/o MG-34, No. 5, Jalan AU5C/7, Lembah Keramat, 54200 Kuala Lumpur.