Warriors Again

Metal Proof Records/Iron Pegasus Records, 1998/2000
Cool red vinyl, with 2 tracks, "Warriors Again" on side A and "Soul Of Warriors" on side B. This is an old release and if I am not mistaken, it has been released before in black vinyl including bio and lyrics sheet. Originally, this band is from Japan, fronted by SABBAT members. But now there are also few German members in it. If you have already heard METALUCIFER music, you can guess how this EP sounds like. It is still in their unique brand of heavy metal with double lead guitar and not to fast music. The guitar solos are melodic and great! "Soul Of Warriors" also available in "Heavy Metal Drill" CD and difference between the CD and this EP is the guitar sound, which is rawer in this EP and also the vocal is a bit harsher. I can't say more about this. If you like METALUCIFER previous release, this EP is very essential for your collection.

Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Iron Pegasus 2001
The new album from this Japanese NWOBHM band. Em... not really a Japanese band though as the band is now consist of Japanese (you know that a SABBAT member plays in this band, right?) and also German (DESASTER member). 8 tracks, 45+ minutes. If you have already heard “Heavy Metal Drill”, this new album will grow in you in no time. Just listening to it once, I have already startd singing some parts of the song, especially on ‘choir lines’ (which I believe on these parts King Wolle, Costa Stoios and Okkulto contribute their voice!), chorus or just the “ooh, ooh”. The music is well-made (every riffs!) that will make you become addicted to it. There are no major differences between “Heavy Metal Drill” and this new album. Perhaps I have listen to the previous one toooooo many times, I couldn’t get much into this new album but it still rules! “Heavy Metal Chainsaw” also available on vinyl, and also American R.I.P. Records pressing it for US market. That means these two versions will have different songs selections or bonus song, which is not available in German version that I have. I sometimes think to become a metal head you have to be rich especially if you want to hear new releases all the time, get old rare releases or to buy several versions of killer
album like this.
c/o Masaki Tachi, Hoshikawa 1001-4, Kuwana, Mie 511-0912, Japan.